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The olfactory marketing as part of the brand experience

  The brand experience is reflected not only in the products or services it offers to its public. It goes beyond the tangible and it’s reflected in everything that surrounds it. Brand experience awakens our emotions and positive feelings.
Through olfactory marketing we can reinforce the brand experience, helping to create positive olfactory experiences. Scent marketing diffusion is considered one of these olfactory marketing solutions. We can talk about the brand and translate its values into a fragrance.
Olfactory marketing enforces the brand and improves customer experiences. Aromatisation can transport us to a moment in our lives, a memory, a place, a landscape, etc.
Next, we would like to explain an olfactory marketing case study and explaining how a brand includes it in its strategy.

A very special case study

Tunateca is a restaurant that belongs to the Balfegó group. This case study shows us how aromatisation can also be applied in the catering or food sector, always professional supervised. Aromatisation techniques in gastronomic spaces are a real olfactory challenge for any perfumer.
Tunateca is the first gastronomic space in the world dedicated to bluefin tuna. This incredible restaurant, where Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine coexists, is located in Barcelona’s Eixample district. Its interior design has received different awards. And as soon as you enter, it submerges you into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Bluefin tuna is the main element, both in the space, with its spectacular décor, and in each of its culinary creations. However, the brand does not want to position itself only as a bluefin tuna fishers or just a thematic restaurant. It wants to be a brand that makes you live experience around the bluefin tuna. For this reason, the Balfegó group’s offer different products: swimming with tuna, buying his top-quality products on its online website, experimenting and learning with events such as the Katai ( ancient Japanese art that consists of achieving the precise cut of a 100 kg specimen.)
All these values are translated into an olfactory fragrance designed by BeAromic, and exclusively for Tunateca. A challenge for beAromic perfumers who had to create a totally new olfactory experience. It wasn’t just a question of answering, “What should a fish restaurant smell like? It had to transmit the freshness and bravura of the sea in such a unique space. To represents everything that Tunateca means beyond this physical space. And also, the challenge that the smell of different tuna dishes coexist with the nebulized aroma.
Thanks to BeAromic perfumer’s experience, we managed to create the fragrance Mar by Balfegó, a fresh and wild aroma. It breathes shades of a serene sea, saltpetre and blue sea, and transports you to the bravura of the tuna in the Mediterranean Sea.
We recommend all tuna lovers to visit this gastronomic space to live a 360º multi-sensorial experience.

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