Scent marketing solutions

The art to scent

Olfactory advice and consultancy

We study each project and the needs of the brand to design the most appropriate olfactory strategy.

Fragrance design and selection

  • We select the right fragrance
  • We create odotypes
  • Welcome fragrances for any type of business
  • Corporate fragrances for businesses
  • Solutions for neutralise odours

Strategy diffusion and application

  • Automatic fragrance diffusion systems
  • Micronebulization technology
  • By direct diffusion or by ventilation ducts

Service and maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance and refilling
  • national and international implementation
  • 12/7 personalized technical support

Scent merchandising

  • Home fragrance: candles, mikados, sprays,…
  • Olfactory complements: sachets, wipes,…
  • Perfumes of your fragrance
  • Olfactory packaging

Diffusion system by nebulization

Technology that converts essential oils into dry vapour.
We have 10 different models adapted to any type of need, from 60m3 to 10,000m3.

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