Tunateca – Grup Balfegó

Tunateca Balfegó is the gastronomic space dedicated to bluefin tuna. Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Having dinner in this space is a 360º multisensory experience.

Scent marketing in gastronomic spaces is a big challenge for any perfumer. How to merge the scent with the flavour of different dishes. How do you transmit the essence and values of a brand like Balfegó?

Olfactory solution: we have created the fragrance Mar by Balfegó, which transmits the freshness and bravery of the sea through this gastronomic space. Mar by Balfegó is quality, which you can find both on its dishes and also is present in every corner of this restaurant. Moreover, the fragrance also wants to transmit the most savage part of the bluefin tuna, as it feels free in its natural habitat.

Tunateca Balfego 1

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