Multinational born in Germany, belonging to the Volkswagen Group, manufacturer of luxury cars. With more than 66 car dealerships in Spain, it is a benchmark in design and technological innovation in the automotive industry.

Audi is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading brands, a brand of quality, safety and avant-garde. The challenge was to design a fragrance that conveyed these values and also spread in car dealerships that are very diaphanous spaces.

The wood and leather notes blended with other raw materials, resulted in a unique fragrance, and has gained so much acceptance that we have created a spray to aromatize the interior of vehicles.

Selected olfactory creation: Audi Scent/Precious Woods is a luxury for the senses. The amber and sandalwood notes, remember us it timeless and almost youthful character. Finishing with a citrus output, and a vanilla background.

concesionario Audi

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