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Hygiene Products for Covid-19 prevention and propagation

We launched a new line of hygiene products to prevent the spread of Covid 19 (also known as Coronavirus). As recommended by the health authorities, the best way to face the virus is to prevent it through safety and hygiene measures. For this reason, we introduce different solutions and products to keep our hands always clean.

Hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel

The hydroalcoholic gel has become essential for any public space. From BeAromic, we offer different hydroalcoholic gel formats ranging from 100ml to 5 litres. This product is interesting for clients with various locations, so we are offering boxes and pallets at competitive prices.

Sanitizing and disinfectant wipes

The ideal single-dose solution for disinfecting small surfaces or cleaning your hands. You can disinfect tablets, mobile phones, POS, keyboards, telephones or other frequently used items quickly and easily. This product contains 70% alcohol.

Foot Pedal sanitizer dispenser

This touchless gel dispenser solution works by a foot pedal, avoiding all contact with the hands. It is a very stable and resistant system that adapts to different hydroalcoholic gel bottles. Ideal for placing at the entrance of the point of sale and dispensing sanitizing gel to anyone who needs it. It can be fixed to the floor to prevent thieves.

Automatic sanitizing gel dispenser

The automatic dispenser is equipped with a sensor and an ultraviolet light that guarantees 100% disinfection. It is the latest revolution in sanitizing gel dispensers. Its sensor allows the gel to be dispensed automatically when it detects the presence of a hand. And its ultraviolet light adds extra hand disinfection. It can be easily fixed to the wall or added to a stand. It has a capacity of 1000ml and is powered by a battery.

Hand sanitizer digital signage kiosk

This solution integrates the gel dispenser in a 21,1” display totem that allows controlling the occupancy. Ideal for establishments that need a system to control and regulate access. The solution has been developed in partnership with Waapiti, a digital signage specialist in retail intelligence solutions.

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