desinfeccion superficies

Environmental and surface disinfection

From our company beAromic, we have created a new line of environmental and surface disinfection products and solutions to reduce the spread of Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus). As recommended by health authorities, the best way to stop the virus is prevention. For this reason, we adapt our solutions and products to the Covid-19. We feel the responsibility to return the security and confidence to our clients and to assure free spaces of Covid-19.

Next, we introduce you to different solutions and products for environmental disinfection.

Tratamiento profesional de desinfección de espacios y superficies

This is a kind of air disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of Covid-19. This disinfection treatment is regulated by the Ministry of Health and indicated by the National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA). It is an effective disinfectant and recommended for use against Coronavirus.

Professional environmental disinfection is a preventive treatment against Covid-19. High dispersion disinfection techniques are applied with very strict safety control methods. In the end, the client can obtain a certificate that this treatment has been carried out. At BeAromic we offer this professional service in Spain. So we can perform an environmental disinfection service to clients with different establishments or points of sale.

desinfeccion superficies

Surface disinfection products 

There are different cleaning and disinfection products for surfaces but not all of them are indicated to fight Coronavirus. At beAromic we have tested different products on the market to find the best solution for our customers. With our experience, we can recommend DMX -as one of the best detergent/disinfectant– to fight Coronavirus in terms of quality and results versus price.

The disinfectant product besides cleaning and disinfecting, as its name indicates, must allow eliminating fungi, viruses, bacteria and spores. For us, in addition to having good results, it must be respectful towards the environment and people. So, it must be non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive to people and surfaces.     

The impact on surfaces is remarkable. So we can assure that this product is 100% safe and effective on all surfaces. That makes it an ideal product for cleaning offices, shops, physical spaces, and even homes. It is odourless.

Finally, it is significant to note that it complies with BS EN 14476 (2005). It has been tested by UKAS and NHS, world leaders in virology.

When dealing with surface disinfection solutions we have to consider two effects: the shock effect and the residual effect. The shock effect is the one that ensures that microorganisms are eliminated/deactivated in the shortest possible time (disinfection of a contaminated surface. But it does not guarantee that the surface becomes re-infected. The residual effect is that which occurs when the disinfecting agent remains on the surface to delay re-infection as much as possible (maintaining the disinfection of a surface).

The professional disinfection and disinfection products that we offer from BeAromic, can be implemented in any physical space regardless of the square meters. As well as the type of space, whether it is a restaurant, retail store, waiting area, shopping centre or any other kind of establishment open to the public.  

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