Benefits of Olfactory Marketing

The aroma strengthens corporate branding

icono percepción positiva

Positive perception of products

Smell stimulates our senses. smell is linked to memory and feelings. our memory can retain up to 10,000 aromas in front of only 200 types of colors.

icono seguidores

To be brand followers

A well-implemented olfactory strategy awakens emotions and feelings that bring the client closer to the brand, making them even their unconditional fans.

icono fidelización

Greater loyalty

Scents create memories that allow us to identify smells and establish a relationship with a product or a brand. a customized odotype creates 30% more brand loyalty than a brand that lacks of it.

icono aroma personalizado

Identify the aroma with the brand and remember it

Olfactory marketing is a powerful advertising tool that catch the consumer attention and increase the brand awareness and enhance the in-store experience.

Aroma enhances point-of-sale experience

icono bienestar

Well-being feeling and positive memories

When what we see coincide with what we smell, the smell is stronger and more pleasant than when vision and smell are not coherent.

icono decisión compra

Influences purchasing decisions

Consumers rate better the shopping environment when the scent fits with the place and is congruent with the brand. in addition, consumers spend up to 14.8% more.

icono gente en tienda

Create intention to return

The memory of a smell is more lasting in time and influenciable than the one of taste. if the smell likes, it will invite to return to the establishment and to be recommended.

icono reloj

Prolonge the stay at the point of sale

According to studies, pleasant aromas increase the remaining at the point of sale by 15.9%.

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