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Creators of scent branding strategies

We are a multi-disciplinary team, made up of people who are passionate about the olfactory world and experienced in scent marketing. we have been creating scents for various industries for more than 10 years. we arouse emotions, connect brands with people and create authentic sensations. the passion for doing what we like gives us the energy to undertake each project with maximum enthusiasm.

Global service

We offer an integral service for your business, taking care of each phase of the scent creation process. we offer a personalized assistance and a global technical service. our olfactory solutions have been implemented in many industries such as hotels, retail, dealers, shopping centers, cinemas, among others.

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Entrevista a Sergi González
El olfato es la nueva arma secreta de las marcas.
¿Os habéis preguntado a qué huele o cómo suena vuestra marca?
Kave Home confía su estrategia de digital signage a TMM Group.

360º sensory marketing supplier

BeAromic was born in Barcelona within TMM Group. With more than 15 years of experience in the sensory marketing sector, TMM Group is specialist in technological strategy, digital communication and sensory marketing at the point of sale, implementing its own solutions for digital signage (Waapiti) and background music for spaces and brands (Sonatsounds).

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